Xiamen to sound sirens for air-raid drill


Air raid sirens will be heard across the whole city between 15:00 and 15:30 this afternoon. So be prepared and dont panic when the sirens sound.


Over 200 air-raid sirens will be switched on at the same time and more than 600,000 citizens and students will participant in the air defense drill.


More than 2,500 students and teachers from Xiamen City University will take part in an emergency and evacuation drill in the universitys south campus.   


The air-raid drill is an annual event aiming to raise residents' awareness of air defense and to prepare them for emergency evacuation.  


To remind Xiamen people of the Japanese invasion on May 10th, 1938, Xiamen municipal government chose May 10 as its annual Air-raid Drill Day in 2001.


Since 2006, the government has organized annual mass air defense drills and checked air-raid sirens.

[ Web editor:Robin Wang, Wu Jianhan    Source:xmenglish.cn ]