Jimei New City


  Jimei New City is located in the geometrical center of Jimei District. It has a planned total land area of 44.2 square kilometers, including a core area of 6 square kilometers, and a planned population of 480,000.





  The main public facilities in Jimei New City include Northern Xiamen Railway Station, Xiamen Expo Garden and the Cultural and Educational Zone. Focuses will be placed on the construction of Xinglin Bay Area and Northern Xiamen Railway Station Area.


  (1) Xinglin Bay Area is located by Xinglin Bay of Jimei District and covers a total area of 31.6 square kilometers with a total planned population of about 300,000. It is designed as a bay-side ecological area for the purposes of living, commercial operations, cultural education and ecological tourism.


  (2) Xiamen Northern Railway Station Area is located in Houxi Town in the north of Jimei District and has a total planned area of about 6 square kilometers and a planned population of 85,000. It is going to become a hub of high-speed railway transits on the western coast of Taiwan Straits, a gateway to Xiamen and a modernized new urban area based on regional service industries.



[ Web editor:    Source:Xiamen Municipal Government,P.R.CHINA ]