Planning of Haicang New District


  Haicang New District connects Caijianwei Mountain in the north, Jingkouyan Mountain in the south, Haicang South Industry District in the west, and Xiamen West Bay to the east. The total planning area is 19.5 square kilometers. With the previous successful planning ideas taken into consideration, this present planning puts forward the conception focusing on the construction of an inner lake with the function of flood control and sightseeing. The essential idea of this planning conception is to take full advantage of the current water area in the central part of Haicang New District and transform it into an inner lake covering the area of about 1.0 square kilometer. The lake would stretch its slope from the standard height of Binhu Road (with the lowest standard height 3.5 meters) to all around. While discharging rainwater in the New District and meeting the national standard of disaster prevention, this planning can lessen the strength of management, reduce the investment, improve city structure, and simplify the transportation system to the utmost.


  The general design style of this district is:

  (1) atmospheric, tranquil, and genial;

  (2) focusing on small-sized and low buildings;

  (3) green, high standard and local feature.


  The main features of the cityscape are as follows:

   (1) the cityscape system with the inner lake as the core;

   (2) the retention of the traditional style;

   (3) free coastal greenbelt.


  The planned land in Haicang New District is mainly the dwelling land, which is better for some non-pollution and less interruptive high-tech industry and is first industry land. The planning is to enhance the employment of the local inhabitants and to realize the certain extent harmony within the District. The planning is to build apartment blocks of high standard and multifunction, and thus build a convenient living urban area. The buildings of this district would give priority to the low layers buildings, with low density and high greenness rate, which enables the area to be a graceful dwelling district with the excellent surroundings and comfortable atmosphere. The Haicang New District consists of three parts: Paitou Area, Town of New Bay and Songyu Area, with the planned population of 190,000.

[ Web editor:    Source:Xiamen Municipal Government,P.R.CHINA ]