Savoring Xiamen's shacha noodles



Adam: Li Mei, I was intrigued by the pictures you posted yesterday on Weibo.



Li Mei: Well, can you guess what I photographed?



Adam: You know I'm new to Xiamen. I just know that the food pictures you posted looked yummy and they roused my curiosity.



Li Mei: They're a well-known local specialty called shacha noodles. They probably came to Xiamen many years ago from Indonesia or somewhere else in southeast Asia.



Adam: Ah okay, that sounds similar to noodles with satay sauce, a peanut-based sauce popular in the region. That explains the golden color in your photos.

亚当: 哦,听起来沙茶面就是沙爹面吧,是用沙爹酱汁混合花生酱做的面,怪不得图片上的食物色泽金黄。


Li Mei: Yes, shacha noodles are well-known for their strong aroma and thick soup. Legend holds that the special flavor can boost your appetite. They're an indispensable part of the local cuisine and can be found at any corner shop in Xiamen.



Adam: Hmm, Li Mei, are you busy after work today?



Li Mei: Seems like you're eager to try shacha noodles. Let's go together after work.



Adam: That would be perfect. If you show the way, the noodles are my treat.



By Natalie Ng

[ Web editor:Robin Wang    Source:Common Talk ]