Xiamen Metro

2019-03-28 16:05


Xiamen metro currently has only one subway line in operation. Metro Line 1 links Zhenhai Road and Yannei, passing Hubin East Road, Horticulture Expo Garden and North Railway Station; Line 2 will be opened in July, 2019. Line 3 and Line 4 will pass through Xiamen Railway Station and North Railway Station respectively. By the end of 2020, Xiamen subway system will cover 231 kilometers (144 miles). According to the long-term plan of Xiamen Rail Transit System, the city will ultimately have 10 metro lines, with a total length of 403 kilometers (250 miles).
Ticket Fare

CNY 2 for the first 4km (2.5mi); CNY 3 for 4-12km (2.5-7.5mi); CNY 4 for 12-18km (7.5-11mi); CNY5 for 18-28km (11-17mi) and CNY6 for 28-43km (17-27mi). For the distance beyond 43km (27mi), extra CNY1 is needed for every 20km (12mi).



1. Subway passengers can enjoy 10% discount if they pay with Xiamen Transportation Smart Card (E-tong Card).
2. Children under 1.2 meters (3.9 feet) can take all subway lines free of charge.
Xiamen Metro Line 1: Zhenhai Road – Yannei

Length: 30 kilometers (19 miles)

Zhenhai Road – Zhongshan Park – Jiangjunci – Wenzao – Hubin East Road – Lianban – Lianhua Intersection – Lücuo – Wushipu – Tangbian – Torch Hi-Tech Park – Dianqian – Gaoqi – Jimei School Village – Horticulture Expo Garden – Xinglin Village – Xingjin Road – Guanren – Chengyi Plaza – Jimei Software Park – Jimei Avenue – Tianshui Road – North Railway Station – Yannei


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