Zhongshan Road

2019-04-24 10:11

Built in 1925, Zhongshan Road is considered to be one of the oldest shopping streets with the most authentic Xiamen flavor.



Over the past century, its prosperity and development has not just carried memories of Xiamen's commercial activities and history, but also has been a weathervane for Xiamen's commercial development. Many prominent names of the business sector started their ventures in China and overseas right from here, and its rich historic and cultural heritage cannot be substituted by any other commercial district. At present it is the part of the city's old town that has retained most completely the historical streetscape and features, with historical sites like Xiaozouma Road, Chen Huacheng's former residence, and the “First Protestant Church of China”. In June 2012, Xiamen's Zhongshan Road was awarded the title "Famous Chinese Historic and Cultural Street”.



It is also a commercial street that leads directly to the sea. Its rows of southeast Asian-style qilou buildings, spectacular nightscape of LED lights, dazzling array of South Fujian and Taiwanese specialty snacks, and the echoes of ancient nanyin (local opera) that can be heard in the surrounding alleyways together create a unique experience for visitors and passersby.


[ Web editor:王付东 ]