Island Ring Boulevard

2019-04-19 15:34


The Island Ring Boulevard starts at Baicheng Beach (Xiamen University) and passes Zengcuo'an, Huangcuo, Qianpu until it finally reaches Hecuo, stretching a distance of 12.76 kilometers.



The Island Ring Boulevard was built along the coastline, following the coast as it curves and stretches on ahead past green belts, beaches, rocky outcrops and great sea views. Islands of Dadan, Erdan, Tu, Huzai, Yan, Binlang, Little Jinmen, and Shu can all be spotted along the way, and even Jinmen Island can be made out in the distance.



The Island Ring Boulevard links up coastal tourist attractions such as Hulishan Fortress, Taiwan Folklore Village (Jingzhou Park), Pines and Rocks of Jinshan Mountain, the "One Country, Two Systems" billboard, the International Convention Center, as well as temples and shrines, ancient trees, strange rocks, sculptures and three seaside squares. It takes you along a dazzling coastal belt of fantastic scenic sites.


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