Wuyuan Bay

2019-04-19 17:00


Located in the northeast of Xiamen Island, Wuyuan Bay area is considered to have very auspicious fengshui that brings together water vistas, hot springs, lush vegetation, wetlands and a sea bay. Its landmarks are the five (wu) arch bridges built in the area, named respectively after the heaven, earth, sun, moon and people.



Wuyuan Bay has the world’s “rarely found” first-class sailing base, and the “most beautiful sailing harbor” in China.



Wuyuan Bay Wetlands Park lies where Wuyuan Bay meets Hubian reservoir, the only converging point of fresh water and sea water on Xiamen Island. The park covers an area of 89 hectares and is Xiamen's largest wetland ecology park. Known as Xiamen's "green lung", the park integrates sightseeing tours with recreational activities and popular science education programs.

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