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Luo Yifang: A tourism narrator on Gulangyu Island

2022-11-30 10:50

Everyday at 7:00 am, Luo Yifang arrives at the travel agency on Gulangyu Island, getting prepared for the day.


From Zhangzhou city of Fuijian province, Luo started her career in tourism industry in Xiamen, and became a narrator on Gulangyu Island in 1999.



With plentiful experiences in the industry, Luo knows how to satisfy different tourists -- for those who are interested in history, Luo usually tells more of the history of Gulangyu, and for tourists who like taking photos, she would recommend popular spots on the island.


In 2017, Gulangyu was recognized by UNESCO on its list of World Cultural Heritage sites. Since then, Luo tends to introduce Gulangyu to the visitors more in the aspect of a World Cultural Heritage site.


“The sun and rain is always inevitable when working outdoors. However, meeting different people and sharing their experiences makes my days fulfilling, “ said Luo.


For more than two decades, Luo Yifang received tons of compliments from the tourists, but never a single complaint. Furthermore, she has been awarded with the Title of Outstanding Employee for many time, due to her excellent work.



Apart from her job, Luo has been actively involved in public services. In 2020, Luo served as a volunteer on Gulangyu Island amid pandemic response.


“My love for the city is something keeps me staying in business for over 20 years. I am really looking forward to a better city of Xiamen,” said Luo Yifang.

[ Web editor:Wu Jianhan, Robin Wang ]