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Fan Baoqin: Leader of “Red Skirt” Volunteer Service Team

2022-11-30 10:32

Fan Baoqin, a member of the Communist Party, has amounted a total of 1,889 hours of volunteering service in the past 5 years, and received the title of 2nd Fujian New Era Top 10 Beautiful Volunteers.


Everyday at around 8:30 am, Fan begins her daily route at Haicang Hospital. After taking personal precautions, Fan Baoqin and her volunteer teammates show up at the entrance of the testing site, where they take body temperature of citizens who come for the nucleic acid test, and instruct them to scan the code.



Fan Baoqin is from Sanming city of Fujian province. In 2017, she settled in Haicang District after retirement. Back then, Fan was appointed as the Party branch secretary of her community, and founded the “Red Skirt” Volunteer Service Team a year later, which now has 288 members.


Many people who come for the nucleic acid for the first time do not know how to operate the system, so Fan and her volunteer members come to offer guidance.


For senior citizens who are  not familiar with smart phones, Fao even offers one-on-one help patiently.


After a quick lunch, Fan rushes to the Marriage Registration Office of Haicang District Civil Affairs Bureau for another public service.


At 2:30 pm, the newlyweds arrive at the office one after another. Fan would instruct them  to scan the health code, take a number at the self-service machine, and queue in line.


At around 4:30pm, when Fan finishes all her daytime volunteer works, she usually hands out epidemic prevention and fraud prevention brochures on her way home.

[ Web editor:Wu Jianhan, Robin Wang ]