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Cai Liqu: Founder of Xiamen Cai Liqu Dance School

2022-11-30 10:19


Cai Liqu, a Xiamen native from Xiang’an District who was born in 1990, has received numerous awards at provincial level for her contributions in public services. 



Graduated from an art school, Cai used to pursue her dream in showbiz as an actress, TV anchor and director. Afterwards, she decided to come back to her hometown.


In March 2013, she founded the Cai Liqu Dance School, which now is home to more than 70 faculty and 3,000 students, with 9 campuses.



At around 2pm most days, Cai puts on her dancewear and give lessons to the students.


“I was fond of dancing when I was a child. However, I can not afford proper training back then.” said Cai. “Now I am just trying my best to help children who share the same experiences and dream of mine.”


Accordingly, she has provided tuition waivers and financial support for more than 2,000 children from poor and underprivileged families who love dancing.



In 2016, Cai established a volunteer team that integrates art, dance and public services.  Currently, the team consists of 10 branches with over 600 volunteers.


For the past years, Cai Liqu participated in various fields of public services, organizing a total of 7 family educational lectures, 15 charity performances, 12 volunteering activities and nearly 100 social welfare events, so as to help individuals and families in need.

[ Web editor:Wu Jianhan, Robin Wang ]