Int'l tourism grows with new visa policies and peak travel season

2024-07-09 14:29
China initiated at the beginning of the month a trial visa-free policy for ordinary passport holders from Australia, New Zealand and Poland. The program allows visitors to enter China without a visa for up to 15 days for business, tourism, transit and visiting friends and family.


China has introduced a number of new visa policies and the number of foreign visitors has increased steadily. The Xiamen Gaoqi Border Inspection Station processed nearly 30,000 travelers from Australia, New Zealand and Poland this year. Australian visitors ranked eighth among all international arrivals.


The Gaoqi Border Inspection Station has also introduced self-service terminals for filling out entry registration cards. With evolving visa policies and the arrival of the summer travel season, Xiamen is expected to see a surge in passenger volume. The Gaoqi Border Inspection Station will deploy its Tongxin foreign language volunteer service team to provide general guidance, offer visa policy consultations and help with traveler clearance.

[ Web editor:吴键涵,王付东    Source:Common Talk ]