Xiamen takes multiple measures to enhance convenience of cross-border trade

2024-06-11 14:44

Since 2023, the number of APEC Business Travel Cards applied for by enterprises in Xiamen has surged, ranking among the highest in the country.


The significant increase in the number of business travel card applications is a microcosm of the positive rebound and expected improvement in cross-border trade in Xiamen. Cardholders enjoy the convenience of visa and customs clearance, with a single application valid for five years and allowing multiple entries to a maximum of 16 APEC economies.


The Xiamen Municipal Bureau of Commerce and the Foreign Affairs Office of the Xiamen Municipal People's Government have taken multiple measures to provide convenient services, helping enterprises expand into international markets and promote the high-quality development of the foreign trade economy.


To help enterprises expand their overseas presence, relevant departments are focusing on key areas and expanding awareness of business travel cards through a "1+2+N" approach, leveraging multiple dimensions to maximize policy facilitation effects.


The "1" refers to providing "one-stop" services for enterprises applying for cards, with dedicated personnel handling the collection of application requirements, document compilation, and tracking and supervision of the application process.


Since 2024, through dedicated services, over 100 enterprises and more than 300 individuals interested in applying for business travel cards have been identified and assisted.


The "2" represents the "online+offline" and "promotion+guidance" service strategies, while the "N" entails conducting multiple promotional events both online and offline, as well as providing comprehensive guidance to enterprises through "cloud coaching".


Since February of this year, five policy briefing sessions have been held to introduce this facilitation policy to eligible target groups.

[ Web editor:Wu Jianhan, Robin Wang ]