Xiamen hosts Russian delegation for cross-cultural exchange and learning

2024-05-24 14:40

At the invitation of the Chinese Embassy in Russia, a delegation of 11 representatives from Russian media visited Xiamen from May 14 to 16. The delegation, led by the deputy director of the Press Office of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, included members from major Russian media outlets, think tanks, and the Lenin Memorial Museum.


On May 15, Professor Peng Xin'an, deputy director of the Publicity Department of the Xiamen Municipal Party Committee, held a discussion with the delegation, sharing Xiamen's experiences and practices in economic and social development as well as ecological and environmental governance.


Members of the delegation were deeply inspired and impressed by the speed of China's development and its achievements. They expressed belief that Xiamen's experiences and practices are worth learning from and hoped for further exchanges and cooperation between the two countries in various fields.


The delegation also engaged in discussions with local media outlets in Xiamen such as Xiamen Daily, while representatives from media organizations like RIA Novosti spoke and asked questions. They expressed their desire to learn from and cooperate with Xiamen's media in the field of news communication.


During their visit to Xiamen, the delegation also visited Xiamen Daily's integrated media command and operations center and toured the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Gulangyu Island.

[ Web editor:Wu Jianhan, Robin Wang ]