Xiamen secures 10 projects in Fujian's 2024 key digital economy plans

2024-04-03 14:19

Fujian officials recently released the province's list of key 2024 projects for Fujian's digital economy. The list featured 108 programs with a total investment of 131 billion yuan and a planned annual investment of 27.2 billion yuan.


Xiamen is home to 10 featured projects. Seven are in the digital product manufacturing sector, including AKM Meadville Xiamen's advanced packaging substrate and HDI production capacity project, the Haicang-based Silan SiC power device production line and the Xiamen Faratronic Nanhai Road plant project.


Two local projects are in the digital factor-driven industry: the Xiamen Digital Industrial Computing Center and the Xunzhi Enterprise-level AI Agent Platform.


Rounding off Xiamen's list is a digital efficiency enhancement project for Xiamen King Long's commercial vehicle industry chain.

[ Web editor:Wu Jianhan, Robin Wang    Source:Common Talk ]