New Maluan bay park greets thousands of daily visitors

2022-03-15 15:03

The newly-opened Maluan Bay Ecology Three Islands Park is averaging 5,000 daily weekday guests and more than 20,000 daily weekend since its trial opening on February 15. Covering more than 193,000 square meters, the park includes three islets, with one islet apiece dedicated to Xiamen's signature bougainvillea, flame trees and egrets.


The park is on the southern edge of Maluan Bay New Town and to the west of the Xinyang bridge. City officials described the park as an ecologically sensitive restoration of Xiamen's coast line.


The bougainvillea islet boasts 10,000 square meters of bougainvillea covering 120 species in various colors. The flame tree island is home to 1,400 flame trees, accounting for 70 percent of the islet's tree coverage. The egret islet boasts a bird habitat and is not open to the general public. A viewing area is reserved for birders on the adjacent flame tree islet.

[ Web editor:Wu Jianhan, Robin Wang    Source:Common Talk ]