Former Site of Temporary CPC Fujian Provincial Committee

2021-05-12 12:02

The Former Site of the Temporary CPC Fujian Provincial Committee in Zhangzhou, East China's Fujian province. [Photo/Former Site of Temporary CPC Fujian Provincial Committee]


The Former Site of the Temporary CPC Fujian Provincial Committee is located at No 32 Zhencheng Lane, Xiangcheng district, Zhangzhou, Fujian province.

The site is a well-preserved two-story building covering an area of 182 square meters. It displays documents about the revolutionary history in Zhangzhou, and the founding and development of the CPC Fujian provincial committee during the revolutionary period.


The site is now a cultural relic under provincial protection, a provincial base for Party history education, and a municipal base for patriotism education.

The Fujian organization of the Communist Party of China resumed operations after the "Aug 7" meeting in 1927.

The CPC Central Committee sent two letters on Oct 15 and Dec 1 that year to the temporary Party committees in southern and northern Fujian, requiring them to set up temporary provincial Party committees to unify leadership within the province.


Representatives of Party members from all counties in the province held a meeting at No 16 (current No 32), Zhencheng Lane in downtown Zhangzhou from Dec 4 to 5.

At the meeting, the temporary CPC Fujian provincial committee was elected to lead the Party groups across the province. The meeting also passed several decisions and plans on political tasks of that time, the Agrarian Revolution, and the armed struggle.

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