Silk Road Maritime e-commerce route advances

2024-06-28 14:42

The Silk Road Maritime e-commerce express route connecting Xiamen Port in Southeast China's Fujian Province with Manila Port in the Philippines recently celebrated the 2nd anniversary since its launch.

As the first Silk Road Maritime e-commerce express route in China, the route has handled over 1.45 million items of export goods in the span of two years, according to statistics from Xiamen Customs.

The route is seen as a significant achievement in the development of China's first comprehensive international shipping logistics platform under the Belt and Road Initiative.

It boosts the direct delivery of e-commerce goods to Manila within two days, meeting the export and import demands for e-commerce goods characterized by small quantities, multiple batches and timely deliveries.

In the two years since its inception, the container throughput on the route has topped 50,000 TEUs, with over 1.45 million items of cross-border e-commerce export goods handled.

Over 1,900 categories of products have been transported, mainly including bags, footwear and clothing, daily necessities and fitness equipment.

According to Dongdu Customs under Xiamen Customs, to facilitate the operations of the route, Dongdu Customs has optimized the process for cross-border e-commerce regulation, promoted digital transformation and intelligent upgrades, streamlined loading and unloading processes and optimized inspection procedures.


These measures have reduced the turnaround and storage time of goods at the terminals, with goods taking only 2.5 hours from warehouse entry to loading onto a ship.

After two years of operations, the integration of the port, shipping and trade services in the e-commerce business of the Silk Road Maritime has improved.

A large-scale and standardized maritime e-commerce network has now been established with the Philippines as the pivot, covering other Southeast Asian countries, as well as other Belt and Road Initiative partner countries and regions.

[ Web editor:王付东 ]