Xiamen's consumer spending off to a thriving start during Spring Festival holiday

2024-02-19 11:39

During the Spring Festival holiday, the 2024 consumer festival titled "Xiamen Citywide Shopping Spree", launched by the Xiamen Municipal Bureau of Commerce, continued to gain momentum with continuous offers and discounts.


Many people took advantage of the holiday to shop and spend through a combination of online and offline methods, leading to a surge in demand for large-ticket items such as automobiles and household appliances.


In recent days, at the Suning electronic appliance store located in Lyucuo, many people have brought their families to buy household appliances. With an increase in gatherings during the Spring Festival holiday, sales of small household appliances such as electric hot pots, induction cookers, and robotic vacuum cleaners have grown by 20 percent compared to the same period last year.


To cater to consumer demands, Suning has also introduced a subsidy of up to 30 percent for trade-ins and online ordering services. Throughout the entire Spring Festival period, online orders accounted for 60 percent of all purchases, and to ensure a seamless user experience, logistics and after-sales services are operating tirelessly.


Meanwhile, automotive consumption also witnessed a "bumper start". Many automotive brands launched round-the-clock services and lucrative promotional activities during the festival.


Also during the Spring Festival holiday, all four of NIO's stores in Xiamen remained open as usual, with approximately 70 percent of staff providing on-site services.

[ Web editor:王付东 ]