One Starry Night Out of the Blue

2019-08-13 16:30

Time: 19:30, August 13, 2019, and 19:30, August 14, 2019
Tickets: 380/280/180/80 yuan
Ticket packages: 450 (280*2) / 450 (180*3)
Tel: 0592-6808890/6808990
Venue: Xiamen Cangjiang Theater (厦门沧江剧院)
Address: No.15 Binhu North Road, Haicang District, Xiamen (厦门市海沧区滨湖北路15)
Bus: No. 818/842/847/85 to Binhu Beilu Stop (滨湖北路站)

One Starry Night and Out of the Blue is a unique combination of art and education. It explores 28 masterpieces by nine masters including Van Gogh, Monet, and Da Vinci, accompanied by the live piano compositions of Mozart, Chopin Debussy and more. The drama tells the story of Lena, who visits her grandfather one summer. One night, Lena mysteriously falls down a hole, to a hidden world of classical paintings. The magic gallery comes to life and Lena is taken on a fascinating journey through the world of art.

[ Web editor:Robin Wang, Wu Jianhan ]