Bobing (Mooncake Dice Game)

2019-03-20 16:01


Bobing (Mooncake Dice Game, a game in which six dice are thrown into a bowl and the different combinations of numbers result in different scores and prizes) is a unique festive activity in Xiamen during the Mid-Autumn Festival.


It has been kept as a Mid-Autumn tradition by the locals for hundreds of years, forming part of the city's particular mooncake culture.


Bobing is a highly enjoyable game as people roll dices for good luck. The locals believe that someone who rolls a Zhuangyuan (literally meaning the title conferred on the top-ranking candidate in the highest imperial examination, which here means the top prize) will enjoy a year of good fortune. That is of course because people put so much feeling into the game. It explains why the Xiamenese place so much importance on the Mid-Autumn Festival, some even regarding it as more important than Spring Festival.


According to the rules, there are usually between five and ten people at a Bobing table, and the top prize, "Zhuangyuan with a golden flower", is achieved by rolling four red fours and two red ones.



[ Web editor:Wu Jianhan, Robin Wang    Source:BRICS official website ]