Gezai Opera

2019-03-20 15:01


Gezai Opera is a type of Han Chinese opera originated from South Fujian that is performed in the local Hokkien dialect.


Based on the local Gezai (ballads) that spread around South Fujian, it combines elements of Liyuan Opera (South Fujian), Beiguan Opera (Taiwan and South Fujian), Gaojia Opera (South Fujian), Peking Opera (Beijing), and Min Opera (Middle, East and North Fujian).


At the beginning of the 20th Century, Master Dai Shuibao and others set up two Gezai opera troupes, Shuangzhu Feng (Phoenix) and Xinnü Ban (New Girls' Troupe), the earliest in South Fujian.



Gezai Opera is rich in rustic character with lots of singing and few dialogues. The melody is simple yet moving, and is easy to pick up. The lyrics, mostly written in the local vernacular, are lively and catchy.



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