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Development Plans for Business Operation Centers

2020-09-14 15:46

Building business operation centers have been on the to-do-list of Xiamen Municipal Government in recent years. There are four centers under construction, namely Wuyuan Bay International Business Operations Center, Guanyin Mount International Business Operations Center, Xinglin Bay Business Operations Center, and the New Railway Station Operations Center.

1. Wuyuan Bay Region: Located on the northeast of Xiamen Island, Wuyuan Bay covers a total area of 12.6 km2 (including approximately 2 km2 of water). As planned, it will house a population of around 100,000. It will mainly serve as a place for business and recreation, and will also provide multiple functions such as business services, health care, tourism, entertainment, and hi-tech R&D.

Development Plans for Business Operation Centers

The first phase of Wuyuan Bay Specialty Commercial Street covers a site area of 150,000 m2 and a floor area of 35,000 m2, and has already started to receive customers, offering unique and high-end restaurants, cafés, recreational facilities, fitness centers, and commercial clubs.

The second phase of Wuyuan Bay Specialty Commercial Street is close to the 217-hectare water area in the Wuyuan Bay Region. It surrounds the water from the north to the south in an S shape. Occupying a site area of 228,000 m2 and a floor area of 89,000 m2, it will be a recreational resort with boutique department stores and unique restaurants.

Wuyuan Bay Business Operation Center: is located on the west side of the Island Ring Road, with Huanwan Road in the west and Wutong Eco-Community in the south, adjacent to Xiang’an Undersea Tunnel. It occupies a floor area of 420,000 m2 built on a 120,000 m2 piece of land. It is positioned to be the city's new business district on the seaside, which will attract R&D centers, product exhibition centers, account settlement centers and operation centers of well-known enterprises at home and abroad.

2. Guanyin Mount International Business Operation Center: Located on east Xiamen Island, Guangyin Mount International Business Operation Center sits to the north of Xiamen International Conference and Exhibition Center, neighboring the International Conference Center, International Olympic Tennis Center, and Xiangshan International Yacht Club. With the prospect of being a high-profile environmentally-friendly business district, the whole neighborhood around this center constitutes an important part of the coast along the Island Ring Road and will become Xiamen’s barycenter for facilitating economic and cultural exchanges between the districts on and off Xiamen Island.

Development Plans for Business Operation Centers

As planned, the project covers a site area of 920,000 m2 and is divided into four functional quarters, namely Business Operations Center, Living Quarters, the second phase of Xiamen Software Park, and the Public Park District. With a site area of 434,000 m2 and a total floor area of 1.384 million m2, the Business Operations Quarter, i.e., the Guanyin Mount Business Operation Center, is open to high-end business customers. 65 high-rises and multi-storey office buildings, including two landmark skyscrapers of respectively 60 and 45 storeys, will be built. Marketing, account settlement and R&D centers are the preferred businesses here.

3. Xinglin Bay Business Operation Center: Located to the north of Xiamen Horticultural Expo Garden in Jimei District’s Xinglin Bay, Xinglin Bay Business Operations Center is to be a regional commercial hub, with a CBD located within a radius of 15 minutes’ drive, and a second-tier shopping area within 25 minutes’ drive. The Center aims to establish a “Commercial Landmark at District/Municipal Level”. Main activities here include leisure entertainment and shopping, offered by supermarkets, department stores, electric and electronic appliance stores, KTVs, pubs, cinemas, animation squares, game centers, fitness centers, and educational agencies. The total floor area will be 550,000 m2 built on a 122,000 m2 of land. The expected investment is RMB 5.7 billion.

4. Xiamen New Railway Station Business Operation Center: This business operation center sits to the southwest of Xiamen New Railway Station in the north Xinglin Bay area. It covers a site area of 313,000 m2 with a total floor area of 507,000 m2. The total investment is expected to be around RMB1.8 billion. As planned, this district is to host “headquarters of SMEs”. The infrastructure will include office buildings and auxiliary facilities focusing on serving the needs of the headquarters operation of SMEs and embedded system companies.

5. Headquarters of Southeast China International Shipping Center: The headquarters building of Southeast China International Shipping Center is situated in the southwest of Haicang CBD. It is planned to be built on land lots 36 and 37, covering a site area of 10.47 hectares with a gross floor area of 650,000 m2. The leading designer is Mr. Cui Kai, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and Vice President of China Architecture Design and Research Group.

Development Plans for Business Operation Centers

The project is an urban complex and integrated headquarters for an international shipping center comprising shipping businesses, offices, hotels, conventions and exhibitions, recreation and shopping. It will serve as a pivot system and command center of document handling for the Xiamen port joint inspection, a concentration zone of enterprises engaged in shipping trades and services, and an economic center for enterprise headquarters.An information platform will be constructed there simultaneously. The Headquarters is positioned to be a key landmark building both in Xiamen Port and the West Taiwan-Straits Economic Zone.

6. Tadee Hercynian Center: is located in the center of Haicang CBD on the west side of Haicang Avenue. The aggregated invest value amounts to RMB 3.5 billion Yuan and the total construction area is 500,000 m2. It is designed to be a high-end urban complex consisting of international A-class office buildings, premium international residential hotels, super five-star executive hotels, international shopping malls, and top-grade seaview apartments. Among them are two international A-class office buildings of 31 and 36 storeys respectively. Each floor occupies 1,836 m2, and the total area approximates to 123,000 m2. Upon its completion, Xiamen Petroleum Trading Center will be set up inside.

Development Plans for Business Operation Centers
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