Start-up bases built for internationa students

2022-07-01 14:44

An entrepreneurship and employment base for international students and a start-up and innovation internship base for overseas students were established at Xiamen Software Park on June 24.


Building the bases is a breakthrough for Xiamen to internationalize the city's talent service. The bases are designed to attract international students to practice, innovate and start businesses in Xiamen by organizing various activities including cultural experiences, internships, professional trainings, interpreting policies, and skills competitions.


"The internship base has offered a great opportunity for me (to polish my skills)," said a student from the United Kingdom, who studies Chinese for economics and trade at Xiamen University.


With the base's help, he got an internship at a local internet technology company to write plays. "I like writing stories and I know a lot about British culture, and I hope these advantages will help me do a good job," he said.


Several officials at local universities said that the bases will bring international students and local companies closer, help deepen the students' understanding about Xiamen's industrial development and strengthen their willingness to stay in the city after graduation.


Recently, Xiamen's science and technology bureau also revised supporting policies for international students. Eligible candidates who get a bachelor's degree or above from domestic universities and start businesses in Xiamen can receive start-up subsidies ranging from 200,000 yuan ($29,840) to 500,000 yuan.

[ Web editor:Wu Jianhan, Robin Wang ]