2 commercial complexes to open in Tong'an district

2022-05-13 14:13

Aegean Palace shopping park in Tong'an district, Xiamen, Fujian province sealed its roof recently, local media reported on April 27.


This Aegean Palace shopping park, which will start to attract businesses in July, will be the first one in Xiamen and the second one in the province.Together with the shopping park is a furniture shopping mall named Ogloria, which is expected to seal its roof next month. Both shopping complexes form a 23-hectare "double mall" commercial area in the district, which will officially open by the end of 2023.


Both commercial complexes will further assist Xiamen in building itself into an international consumption-oriented city.


In addition to commercial culture, the overall design of these two commercial complexes integrated Tong'an district's hills, islets, lakes, and the city that highlights the ideology of new businesses, new ecology, and new services, according to the manager of both commercial complex projects.


Both commercial complexes will attract new business formats, such as a family recreation center, horse riding club, ice and snow park, quality of life supermarket, and special catering services, in order to meet consumers' overall needs, which include shopping, parenting, eating, socializing, and recreation.

[ Web editor:Wu Jianhan, Robin Wang ]