Notifications No.6 and No.7 for COVID-19 Response

2021-09-14 14:35

Notifications No.6 and No.7 Released by Xiamen Municipal Headquarters for COVID-19 Response


September 13, 2021


I. Based on expert opinion and assessment, the following area in Xinmin Township of Tong'an District is flagged as high-risk starting from Sept 13, 2021, more specifically, to the east of Huli Industrial Park, west of Tongming Road, south of Ji'an Road, and north of Jixian Road.


II. All residential communities (villages) across Xiamen City shall be put under closed-loop management. Such measures as checking body temperature and health codes shall be rigorously implemented, and movement of people shall be reduced. In closed-off areas, the residential compounds shall be sealed off, residents shall stay put at home, and logistic services will be delivered to residents’ doorstep. In closed and controlled areas, residents shall not exit their residential compounds, and gatherings are strictly prohibited. In precautionary areas, preventive management and control measures shall be stepped up comprehensively, and gathering of people shall be severely restricted. Contactless delivery shall be practised: take-away food parcels and other packages shall be dropped off at a designated pick-up spot in residential communities (villages).


III. Government departments, agencies, organizations and public institutions at all levels shall exercise flexible working hours and ensure adequate staffing level for daily operation. Prevention measures such as presenting or scanning health codes, checking body temperature and wearing masks shall be strictly implemented at workplace. Remote working is recommended when conditions allow.


IV. We urge all people to follow epidemic updates closely and refrain from leaving Xiamen except for essential purposes. Starting from 00:00 of September 14, 2021, those who do need to leave the City must travel with green health codes and negative COVID-19 test certificates issued within 48 hours.


V. Public gatherings such as mid-autumn festival dice game, folk custom activities, religious ceremonies, and cultural performances shall be suspended across the City. Weddings should be postponed while funerals held in a simpler way with reduced crowd size. All kinds of dinning in large groups shall be suspended.


VI. All shopping malls, supermarkets, farmers’ markets and other essential retailers across the City shall reduce foot traffic. All indoor public venues such as chess and card parlors, theaters, cinemas, internet cafés, karaoke bars, pubs, billiard rooms, museums, libraries, fitness centers, and training institutions shall suspend operation.


VII. Operators of rental houses, hotels, hostels, family inns (including online-booked B&Bs), etc. shall take full responsibilities as principal management entities, strengthen the management of tenants, and immediately inform the local community (village) if a case experiencing fever, cough or any other related symptoms is spotted.


VIII. Retail pharmacies shall require all customers to register their personal information with ID cards when selling medicines for treating fever, cough, or any other related symptoms.


IX. All organizations and communities (villages) shall strengthen cleaning and disinfection of environmental surfaces, in particular those of elevators, lobbies, passageways and other key public areas.


X. The following behaviors are strictly prohibited: malicious rumor mongering, lying about or covering up information related to the epidemic, and releasing false information.


This Notification shall take effect from the date of issuance. Every individual and organization in Xiamen shall abide by it in letter and spirit. Those who violate any regulations herein shall be held accountable.

[ Web editor:Wu Jianhan, Robin Wang ]