Tianzhu Mountain Cooking Competition highlights rural vitalization

2021-04-30 17:19

 The Tianzhu Mountain Cooking Competition, a main part of the 2021 Xiamen Haicang Tianzhu Mountain Tung Blossom Festival, was held in Dongfu sub-district on April 29.


According to, a local news website portal and the organizing committee for the cooking competition, several rounds of online voting were conducted beforehand. A total of 18 chefs who are famous for making local delicacies, were qualified for the final competition.  


After tasting and voting by professional gourmets, six "Golden Signature Dishes" were selected on the spot. Twelve chefs won the title of 'Most Characteristic Signature Dishes' as well. In addition, five chefs were honored with 'Most Popular Signature Dishes' award based on the online voting.


Alongside with the cooking competition, a Gezi Opera performance, a luck draw, quiz contests and other folklore performances were staged at the same time, bringing a visual and tasteful feast to the audience.


'Following the operation of Xiamen Metro Line 2, a growing number of tourists are coming to visit Dongfu in Haicang district, for its tasty local dishes and beautiful natural landscapes. ' said Ms Chen, a Dongfu sub-district native.


It is learned that the 2021 Xiamen Haicang Tianzhu Mountain Tung Blossom Festival, which lasts till May 3, is aiming to push forward the rural vitalization and promote the local tourism of the district.

[ Web editor:Wu Jianhan, Robin Wang ]