Xiamen Marine High-tech Industrial Park officially inaugurated

2023-04-26 14:39

Xiamen Marine High-tech Industrial Park was officially inaugurated on April 23, 2023. It aims to build a hub for marine-tech innovations, talents and industries.


Located in Xiang’an district of Xiamen, the high-tech industrial park covers a total land area of over 10 million square meters. It is home to marine high-tech industry, modern fisheries and leisure tourism, modern port logistics, and supporting service facilities.


The industrial park is expected to create marine high-tech industrial chain, focusing on marine biomedicine and products, marine high-end equipment and new materials, marine information and digital industry, fishing port economy and marine seedling industry, marine cultural and creative industry, high-end coastal tourism, blue carbon, and comprehensive utilization of seawater.


Additionally, it promotes innovation-led industrialization and helps establish a modern marine industrial system supported by R&D and innovation as well as headquarters economy, creating a maritime high-tech industrial cluster.


To accelerate the development and construction of the park, the coastal city of Xiamen will implement six measures, including establishing an innovative management model, setting up a company, launching a fund, cultivating a contingent of professionals, building a national-level sci-tech innovation base, and creating a cross-regional platform for integrated development.


In terms of talent training, Xiamen will leverage the strength of sea-related universities and research institutes to attract leading maritime talents of the world and cultivate high-tech maritime talents, providing talent support for the city's efforts to be a world leading maritime hub.


Relying on local marine research institutes such as Fujian Marine Innovation Laboratory, Xiamen Oceanic Innovation Base, and the Xiang’an Base of the Third Institute of Oceanography, Ministry of Natural Resources, Xiamen will establish a national-level sci-tech innovation base with industrial incubator and alliance and build a national-level R&D center for marine biomedicine.


Xiamen will also make the best of international platforms like the World Ocean Week in Xiamen, Xiamen Marine International Cooperation Center, PEMSEANetwork of Local Governments (PNLG), and APEC Marine Sustainable Development Center to build a new platform for opening up in the marine sector, expand the space for marine cooperation, and create a cross-regional platform for the integrated marine development across the Taiwan Straits and in the countries along the Belt and Road.

[ Web editor:Wu Jianhan, Robin Wang ]