Renovation of Gulangyu Island completed



The renovation of Gulangyu Island has been fully completed after half a year’s hard work. This work, done with the support of all the residents, shop owners, enterprises and institutions on the island, has included repairs to cultural relics, reforms of municipal facilities and environmental greening.


Blackouts will be prevented this summer following 50,000,000 yuan having been pumped into the power line reconstruction project by the Gulangyu Management Committee, fundamentally solving the problem of blackouts during peak hours.


Improvements to the handling of rainwater and sewage have been made through such measures as drainpipe diameter extension in order to prevent the problem of Center Street Park becoming waterlogged during rainy days.


The facade reconstruction of the core business district has been basically finished, covering an area of 17,343 square meters and a length of 725 meters. The total area of environmental greening and public landscaping reaches 140,000 square meters.


Story of Flourishing the Sanhegong Palace of Gulangyu Island is the biggest cliffside inscription stone in Xiamen and the largest one about Mazu in China. Roads around the stone that were formerly inconvenient to walk on, have been reconstructed as stone steps, and inappropriate nearby buildings have all been dismantled.


There are altogether 53 core elements of cultural heritage and 36 cultural heritage conservation interventions on Gulangyu Island. 72 historical buildings and courtyards have been renovated during the past half year.


An event of ‘together on the road of applying to cultural heritage’ was held by Gulangyu Management Committee to grant living goods, discount cards, etc. to over 4,000 residents.


As a result of the application for cultural heritage status, renovations have now been able to be implemented to make a better living environment, said the staff of Gulangyu Management Committee.

[ Web editor:Wu Jianhan, Robin Wang ]