Yanwu Bridge sightseeing platform opens to public



A new sightseeing platform that stretches out over the sea on the outside of Yanwu bridge, opened to citizens and tourists on July 15th. The platform, stretching 628 meters overall and covering an area of 11,250 square meters, is connected to the waterfront promenade by three piers and has benches for tourists to take a break.


It only took half a year to finish the construction of the platform, a remarkably quick time considering the main structure overhangs the sea and is greatly effected by the tide.


Yanwu bridge is hailed as one of the world's lowest major sea-spanning bridges, yet the sightseeing platform is even closer to the sea, as the piers close to the revetments are only 3.4 meters above sea level, and the highest section of the outboard platform is 5.4 meters above the sea. Therefore, the platform almost clings to the sea at high tide, offering an unobstructed view of the local sea area to citizens and tourists.


The platform features a rest area where people can take a break or buy snacks, beverages and souvenirs.


When typhoons are expected or other severe weather that may cause harm, the sightseeing platform will be closed.



There are three entrances: Entrance One: At the back of Shimao Haixia Building. Entrance Two: On the sidewalk connecting the sea and the west side of Yanwu Road. Entrance Three: By the side of Haiyangxincun Court.
●Limit on the number of people:

Once the number reaches 2,000, Entrance Two shall be closed. Once the number reaches 3,000, Entrance One and Entrance Two will be closed. The entrances will all be closed when the number of people reaches 4,500.
●Opening hours:
6:00 to 22:00 during summer.
6:00 to 21:00 during winter.
Bus stops close to the entrances are Chinese Art Museum, Xiada Xicun and Xiada Hospital. And there is a waterfront promenade from Baicheng Beach that connects to the platform.
Parking lots are also available near Siming Primary School, Shapowei Art Zone and hotels nearby.
There are two toilets at Entrance One and Entrance Two.
No dogs, no fishing, no bicycles, no public square dancing, and no panhandling. Setting up street stalls is also forbidden.

[ Web editor:Wu Jianhan, Robin Wang    Source:xmenglish.cn ]