Top sites for touring Xiamen by night



The Xiamen Construction Bureau recently issued a list of the city's top sightseeing sites at night. The list is a result of a citywide upgrade to the city's illumination of several tourism venues in the run-up to the recent BRICS Summit.


  Lujiang Road


  A walking through Binjiang Park or along Lujiang Road are the best ways to view the nighttime illumination of the Lujiang River.


  Bailuzhou Park


  The highlight of the park's evening attractions is the newly-unveiled pair of attractions, the Light Show and the Music Fountain. Open to the public and free of charge, the Light Show brightens the sky three times per night in half-hour increments, beginning at eight p.m. The Music Fountain performs once per evening at nine p.m.


  Haiwan Park


  Many of the buildings along Haicang Harbor are dramatically illuminated at night in a matching color pattern. Haiwan Park's promenade offers a perfect viewing spot for the lights of Haicang Harbor.


  Jimei Nandi Park


  Countless banks of warm floodlights light up the beauty of the Jiageng Complex, a set of Minnan-style buildings that combine southern Fujian architectural and decorative elements with Western architecture.




  The beachside promenade next to the Xiamen Conference and Exhibition Center offers a lovely view of Xiang'an. The wooden promenade that runs alongside Wuyuanwan Bridge is perfect for a moonlight stroll.


  Recommended Route


  [by bus or taxi]


  Yuandang Lake -- Hubin West Road -- Lujiang Road -- Xiamen Conference and Exhibition Center -- Guanyin Mountain -- Wutong Light Tower -- Wuyuan Bay -- Airport -- Dianqian -- Dongdu -- White Egret Islet




  The city's coordinated nighttime illumination of major tourism venues and central business districts are overseen by the city and timed for maximum impact. The timing of the illuminations is seasonal. The city's lightscape is currently timed to run from six p.m. through eight p.m.


By Wendy Shi, Liu Qing


Photo by Wang Huoyan

[ Web editor:Wu Jianhan, Robin Wang    Source:Common Talk ]