Fudan Zhongshan Xiamen Hospital to open soon



Zhongshan Hospital affiliated of Fudan University (hence the name Fudan Zhongshan Xiamen Hospital) is one of major livelihood projects of the municipal party committee and government. These new premises will significantly enhance medical services in this city and so it is gratifying that work is drawing to a close. The whole indoor and outdoor decoration, the hospital roads and landscaping construction are drawing to an end. Medical equipment is in place and installation going to start soon. The opening date is getting closer and closer.


Construction work on Fudan Zhongshan Xiamen Hospital began on September 18 2015. The roof of the core medical area, Building A, was completed last April 24. A new modern hospital now stands on the edge of Wuyuan Bay. A total of 1.08 billion yuan has been invested in project and the work is now now 95% complete.


The interiors of the hospital building are bright and spacious. Elegant design and smooth transitions between the departments and functional areas give visitors a different aesthetic sense to traditional hospitals. At present, the Outpatient Imaging Center CT, DR and large nuclear magnetic resonance medical equipment room have been completed with decoration in accordance with the requirements of hospital. The installation of CT, nuclear magnetic resonance machines and other equipment has already began. Decoration of the core medical districts is basically complete. The infusion hall of Building A, the stomatological operating room of Building B and  the Special Outpatient facilities are due to be completed in the middle of this month. Each function of the hospital has its own logo and the layout of medical treatments is also becoming more and more clear.


In the coming days, all relevant units will help Fudan Zhongshan Hospital to speed up the construction of intelligent systems, fully prepare the installation of medical equipment, furniture and so on, promote clean construction and special ward decoration. At the same time, work will be done to re-optimise and upgrade the landscape planting and ensure all preparatory work is of the highest standard.


After being put into use, it will follow the concept of homogeneous management and be fully managed by Fudan Zhongshan Hospital. All clinical responsible persons will be senior experts in their disciplines from Fudan Zhongshan Hospital. Moreover, the facilities will not only have a high medical level, but they will also be equipped with a powerful technical infrastructure. The two hospitals will be closely linked to allow the opening of remote consultation platforms and green channels for patients with difficult and severe cases to achieve seamless treatment between the two medical centres. In summary, Fudan Zhongshan Xiamen Hospital aims to be an internationally renowned, first-class Asian, modern three-level comprehensive hospital of the future.



[ Web editor:Wu Jianhan    Source:xmenglish.cn ]