Meng Jinghui’s two classic Chinese dramas to be staged in Xiamen in August



Two classic Chinese dramas, Rhinoceros in Love and Amber, will be staged in the Xiamen Cangjiang Theatre this month.


Both are directed by Meng Jinghui, one of the most influential directors of experimental drama in Asia, and written by Liao Yimei, a high-profile Chinese scriptwriter and author in recent years.


These two plays are being presented by the Cangjiang Theatre as part of the ongoing 2nd Maritime Silk Road Arts Festival.



Rhinoceros in Love will be performed on August 5-6 and Amber on August 12-13, according to the official website of the Xiamen Cangjiang Theatre.


Rhinoceros in Love is an allegory about the human spirit, rather than a real love story. It tells a story of a man who is in love with a woman. Ma Lu’s life was totally changed the moment he met Mingming, a sexy and mysterious girl. He did everything he could to pursue her, but she seemed to be incredibly stony-hearted and turned a blind eye to his flowers, promises and physical intimacy. After he unexpectedly won an big prize, which he thought may help him catch the girl’s heart, he in fact became even more desperate than before. To help Ma Lu out, a salesman named Toothbrush asked two young girls, Honghong and Lili, to pretend to be Ma's followers, for the salesman wanted to make Mingming jealous. However, the plans turns out to be a complete failure. Finally, howling like a rhinoceros, Ma Lu kidnapped Mingming one night in the name of love.


Amber is a multimedia musical play filled with the director’s black humour and post-modern sarcasm. It is a story about the hero Gao Yuan, a cynical man like Don Juan who has his own philosophy of life, and the heroin Xiaoyou, a tour guide at a natural museum. When they met for the first time, the boy thought he had lured the girl into love. As a matter of fact, the opposite is true. However, he refused to believe that he was attracted to this uncommon girl who hid fiery passion and a untold secrets under her calm appearance. Actually, her story was simple. After her fiance died, she had been keeping an eye on Gao Yuan and did not resist the temptation to lure him, only to hear the heartbeat of her fiance in the hero’s chest. As time went by, the two hearts were connected. Their love story unfolds against the hustle and bustle of city life.

[ Web editor:Wu Jianhan ]