The Little Mermaid staged in Xiamen’s Cangjiang Theater



The Little Mermaid, a beautiful children’s musical, was staged by Thepantos Children's Theatre in Xiamen’s Cangjiang Theatre on July 27th.


The Little Mermaid is a moving love story. Ariel, the heroine, is a strong-minded and independent mermaid who is curious about the world beyond the sea. With the help of red crab Sebastian and flounder Chubby, Ariel finally conquers the curse and finds her true love.


“Children who often watch dramas will be more lively, outgoing and sociable than those who do not watch them,” said the theatre company’s director. According to a survey conducted by Danish experts, “Every child needs dreams, feelings, stories, idols and positive content to guide them.”


Established in 1988, Thepantos Children's Theatre  Company meets with great applause from audiences and plays a leading role in the industry. The troupe currently plays on over 30 main stages and gives 280 touring performances annually. More than 1,000 young performers have created 147 children's dramas with them including the series of children's classics, The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast and Robinson Crusoe as well as the original dramas, Lost Kindergarten, Blonde Girl and Three Bear and Gnome Weirdo.


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