Shapowei brings together old and new



Adam: Li Mei, where did you go on Chinese Saint Valentine's Day?



Li Mei: I went to Shapowei with my friends.



Adam: I think I hear the word for sand in the name of the place, did you go to a beach?



Li Mei: You're not far off. The area was a part of Xiamen Bay many years ago and it was a sandy outcrop where ships moored. However, it hasn't harbored ships since the construction of the oceanfront Yanwu bridge more than 15 years ago.



Adam: So what's the area like nowadays?



Li Mei: The main part of Shapowei includes an entrepreneurial platform for young people starting up new businesses. There are more than 100 businesses in the Shapowei Art Zone, including cafes, restaurants, stores and art studios. It's popular with the nearby university students.



Adam: Seems pretty cool. When's the best time to go?



Li Mei: It's not all that crowded on weekdays but it hosts an arts and crafts market on sale Saturdays and it's really popular.



Adam: Wow, I'd love to visit the market. I'll go there this Saturday, for sure.


[ Web editor:Robin Wang, Wu Jianhan    Source:Common Talk ]