Football deepens friendship between China and foreign countries



On the sunny afternoon of August 1, the final of the 2018 Xiamen International Youth Football Invitational was held on the green football field of Xiamen No. 2 High School Wuyuanwan Campus.


After a fierce competition, Xiamen No.2 High School Football Team defeated Qingdao No. 66 High School Football Team to win the first place of the invitational.


Mr. Wu Kunsheng, coach of the Football Team of Xiamen No. 2 High School of Fujian, was satisfied with the performance of his players. He said that they did very well, were in stable form and that they had sometimes even outdone themselves.


Lin Rongrong, the No. 10 football player of the champions' team, told the young reporters present that good preparation mainly contributed to their good performance. When asked how he was preparing for the game, he replied, "we keep our spirits up, keep our strength up, and follow the coach's instructions."



The final attracted many spectators, including Mr. Manfred, an executive member of FSV Trier-Tarforst, a club from Germany, who came to watch the match together with the coach team and team players.


Mr Manfred was pleased to be interviewed by the young reporters from He said: “Xiamen is a nice city. The scenery is beautiful and the people here are polite. I hope to come back again next time.”


Meanwhile he said that he was satisfied with his players' performance. “We have done our best and we are the best!”. The FSV Trier-Tarforst club took the sixth place at this year’s competition.



As the Xiamen No.2 High School Football Team was crowned champion, the 2018 Xiamen International Youth Football Invitational came to a successful end.


The invitational cannot succeed without efforts of volunteers and other staff. Chen Yi-yang, a volunteer from Xiamen No. 2 High School, carried things and picked up the footballs when they were kicked out of the field. Luo Yushan, a student from Xiamen Science and Technology High School, was responsible for the reception service of the Xilingol team.




In addition, there were medical staff staying on the site in case of injuries. A doctor told young reporters that there were no serious injuries during the event and that only a few players had minor scratches.


The 2018 Xiamen International Youth Football Invitational fired up the locals' passion for football. Everyone was greatly impressed by the wonderful performance of the football players. It was a friendly, albeit competitive, match for young football players from China and foreign countries.


By Jenny Weng (Jiabin Primary School of Xiamen)


[ Web editor:Wu Jianhan, Robin Wang ]