Young Star Ambassadors Fun Xiamen: A visit to Jimei Middle School



The shooting of the second episode of "Young Star Ambassadors Fun Xiamen" took place at Jimei School Village last Sunday.


The main host, from the Xiamen English language news website, was joined by an American guest host, as well as four students from Jimei Middle School, as they paid a visit to the 100-year-old educational institution.



Established in 1918, Jimei Middle School is renowned for its reputation as one of the most famous schools in China.


The students guided the visitors around the Nanxun Building and the Daonan Building in the school grounds, two masterpieces of Jiageng-style architecture which are also landmarks and tourist attractions of the Jimei area.



The students also told them about the story of Tan Kah Kee, Mr. Chen Jiageng, a Jimei-born philanthropist who set up 10 schools successively in Jimei.


According to Mr. Chen Jiageng's views, education is one of the sectors that should receive the most funding as it is the foundation of a powerful country.


It is estimated that Mr Tan Kah Kee invested over ten million dollars in his educational contributions to China's Fujian province.



Accordingly, Jimei Middle School will celebrate its one hundredth birthday on October 21st this year.


"With one hundred years of development, Jimei Middle School is entirely devoted to training students' moral and intelligence with an advanced educational philosophy and a specific educational mission," said the students, "The school motto is to 'Be honest in treating people and be persistent in doing everything', which represents the spirit of its first principal, Mr. Chen Jiageng."



Shooting of the show was broadcast live, and the final recorded video will soon be available for the public.


[ Web editor:Wu Jianhan, Robin Wang ]