Young Star Ambassadors


By Jenny Weng



On May 27th, the Group D finals and the awards ceremony of the "2018 Young Star Ambassadors" Xiamen Youth English Proficiency Competition were held on the third floor of the Xiamen Consulate Building.


During the Group D final, the audience and judges were greatly impressed by the fluent English and excellent overall performance of the participants.


The student reporters from interviewed several senior high school contestants as well as special guests.



Their first interviewee, Cai Chengyan, is a student in Class 2, Grade 11 of the Xiamen No. 6 Middle School. He is the director of their play dubbed “Last five minutes of what comes first”. He explained that their play is about environmental protection and that through it, they aim to raise the audience's awareness of how important it is to take care of the environment.


Ms. Lin Na, an associate counsel of the Foreign and Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of Xiamen Municipal Government, told the young reporters that, “The competition is about Xiamen and its sister cities. I hope that through this competition, students will not only improve their English language skills, but also gain a better understanding of the international place of Xiamen in the world! ”



When talking about the importance of learning English, she said: "English is not only a language tool, it is also a very good and important means of communication. No matter what the students will do in the future, speaking fluent English will be of great help."


Through this competition, students not only improved their oral English, but also showed the beauty of Xiamen to more people around the world. They are our Young Star Ambassadors of Xiamen!


[ Web editor:Echo Huang ]