Huli venue highlights 2018 Xiamen International Fashion Week



Last weekend, the Huli venue of the 2018 Xiamen International Fashion Week opened in Lianfa Huamei Space – JORYAweekend and LAIPOSE, two Chinese high-end clothing brands based in Huli District, released their latest season’s products. Wang Yutao and Zhao Huizhou, winners of the Golden Summit Awards, a China fashion design award, jointly presented the fashion show.

On the evening of November 23rd, JORYAweekend and LAIPOSE, two local clothing brands, released their latest seasonal collections.

JORYAweekend is a series brand cultivated by the Xiamen Xinhe Garment Co., Ltd., which has been based in the Huli district for more than 30 years.

With its innovative concept and fashion sense, the company has become one of the leading high-end women clothes producers in the country.

At present, Xinhe owns over 600 stores with an annual revenue of over two billion yuan. It is one of the top 100 taxpayers in Fujian Province, with an annual tax payment of nearly 300 million yuan.

“The Huli district is one of the best places for the development of the fashion industry,” said Chen Liming, the chairman of Xiamen Youjiali Clothing Co., Ltd., The company, creator of LAIPOSE, has been based in Huli for more than ten years.

The 2018 "Golden Summit Award" winner Zhao Huizhou came to Xiamen for the first time. He brought the "Silk Road New Life" fashion show that was exhibited in Milan, Italy, the beautiful designs and exquisite clothing intended to make the audience feel as if they were time traveling and walking on the ancient silk road.

Zhao said that he fell in love with Xiamen when he was on the plane and that the romantic atmosphere here fascinated him.

He believed that Xiamen's fashion needs and market is enormous, and that the city is a dreamland for designers.

“In Xiamen, designers can feel a relaxation of the soul and emerge with a different kind of inspiration,” Mr. Zhao added.

The two-time “Golden Top Award” winner Wang Yutao presented the trend-setting Beautyberry 2019 spring and summer fashion show.

This is the third time that Wang Yutao has participated in Xiamen International Fashion Week. “Every time I come here, I find new surprises.”

Wang said that the rapidly developing design industry made him feel “familiar yet unfamiliar” each time.

The venue was supported by the Huli District People's Government and the Xiamen International Fashion Week Organizing Committee. It was jointly hosted by the Huli District Cultural and Sports Publishing Bureau, the Huli Sub-district Office and the Xiamen Textile and Apparel Chamber of Commerce.


[ Web editor:Wu Jianhan, Robin Wang ]