2018 “Young Star Ambassadors” Youth English Proficiency Competition concludes


2018 “Young Star Ambassadors” Youth English Proficiency Competition concludes


The grand awards ceremony was held at the Xiamen Consulate Building on May 27, to mark the end of the 2018 “Young Star Ambassadors” Youth English Proficiency Competition and reward the top contestants.

During the ceremony, the winners of the individual and group competitions were awarded a certificate and a medal for their outstanding performance. The coaches of the first-prize winners were also awarded a certificate as a sign of recognition for their hard work.

2018 “Young Star Ambassadors” Youth English Proficiency Competition concludes

The month-long competition attracted nearly 2,000 students from more than 200 primary and secondary schools in Xiamen.

Focusing on the theme “I love Xiamen”, the contestants presented their affection for the city and compared the huge changes that Xiamen has experienced in the past forty years, in English.

Many parents, English teachers and researchers agreed that the competition provided a great platform for students to express themselves.

The competition activities, which included keynote speeches, picture story-telling, movie dubbing, sitcoms, and an in-depth knowledge quiz, were also helpful to stimulate learning interest and improve the youngsters' English proficiency.

The competition also encourages young students to learn more about Xiamen’s international sister cities and opens a door for them to participate in the local foreign affairs.

Winners of this year’s competition and young reporters from the city’s English website xmenglish.cn have a chance to attend concerts and art performances by artists from Xiamen's sister cities, as well as cultural and art exhibitions, special promotions and official ceremonies.

The competition is jointly sponsored by the Xiamen Municipal Education Bureau, the Information Office of Xiamen Municipal Government, the Foreign and Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of Xiamen Municipal Government and Xiamen Daily. It is organized by the Xiamen Academy of Educational Science, the city’s official website xmnn.cn, and the city’s English portal website xmenglish.cn.

[ Web editor:Robin Wang, Wu Jianhan    Source:xmenglish.cn ]