Young Reporters on second interview mission



The group finals of the 2018 Young Star Ambassadors Xiamen Youth English Proficiency Competition came to an end at the Xiamen Consulate Building on May 27th.

Throughout the afternoon, six young reporters from the city's official English website worked hard to obtain interesting insights and comments from their interviewees.


They are all primary school students. Liu Shuyan, a third-grader from Qunhui Primary School, is the youngest of them.


Liu was also one of the winners in this year's individual competition. She interviewed contestants who shared their stories behind this competition as well as their methods for learning English.


In addition to contestants, the young reporters interviewed some of the special guests present at the awards.

The guests answered their questions patiently and encouraged them to continue learning English well.


“Learning English is not only about taking a language course, it is also about discovering a culture and a way to connect with the outside world," said Linna, an associate counsel from the Foreign and Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the Xiamen Municipal Government.

[ Web editor:Echo Huang ]