The South Gate of Xiamen University to be completed in September



In order to celebrate the completion of the South Gate, Xiamen University is planning to organize a football match on the newly completed Yanwu Sports Ground.
The organizer of the football match revealed that two teams: The Alumnus team and The Faculty team will participate in the friendly match. The university said that they intend to celebrate the completion of the South Gate by holding a football game instead of a ceremony.


Actually, the new gate is not fully completed and is now at the closing stage. According to on-site constructors, the visitor center underground can be completed in September.


The new-built sports ground is different from the old one mainly in three aspects . First, the whole ground has been rotated by 90 degrees from east-west trend to south-north one. Second, the ground area is expanded from 20,000 square meters to 45,000 square meters. Third, the color of the runway has been turned from red to blue in order to help people concentrate on running.


The Visitor Center lies in the  first basement of the Yanwu Sports Ground. The sunlight could reach the underground due to its special design. The highlight of the center is that it has a giant library of 20,000 square meters which will open to the public 24-hour for free .


[ Web editor:吴键涵 ]