Subway Line One begins no-load test



Starting on August 5, Xiamen Subway Line One entered a 20-day no-load test, with trains running but with no passengers. During the period, support systems including electricity, communication, signaling, ventilation, air conditioning and fire and drainage will also be tested.


Subway Line One is designed for 26 trains, with 19 currently in position. Each of the trains will run for eight to nine hours every day during the trial to ensure usability, safety and reliability. When the 20-day no-load test concludes, a load test will be carried out before trial operations begin in September.


Connecting Siming, Huli and Jimei, Line One extends for 30 kilometers, with 25 kilometers underground. By 2022, Subway Lines two, three, four and six will boast a combined length of 224 kilometers.


Pictured are media on a test train.


By Vivian Zhang


Photos by Lin Minghong and Wang Huoyan


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