Xiamen SEZ: for 35 years a pioneer of economic reform


Xiamen's special economic zone is now 35 years old.


Approved as one of the first special economic zones in China, the Xiamen SEZ broke ground in 1981 in the Huli district and was expanded to cover the entire Xiamen Island and Gulangyu Island in 1984.


After that the SEZ never looked back. It integrated more land to pilot new investment and trade policies, and was given more options for economic planning to unleash its growth potential.


Over the years Xiamen's urban area has expanded by a factor of seven, and three of its important economic indicators - regional GDP, financial revenue and disposable personal income - have grown steadily.


On a yearly basis, Xiamen's regional GDP grew at an average of 16.4 percent, financial revenue at 20.4 percent, and disposable personal income at 15.1 percent for urban residents and 13.5 percent for rural residents.


To commemorate the tremendous progress, Xiamen's Party and government officials met with local business leaders on Dec 26 to review the achievements of the Xiamen SEZ over the past decades in pursuit of modern development, and to mobilize continued efforts in the future.

[ Web editor:Wu Jianhan, Robin Wang    Source:chinadaily.com.cn ]