Report shows Xiamen population reaches 4.255 million in 2014


  Updated: 22 Dec 2014

  According to a report conference held on December 19th, the total population in Xiamen has reached 4,255,200.


  The birth rate in 2014 saw an increase of 1.17% compared with that in 2013 thanks to the new family planning policy, which allows for up to 2 children for each qualified family.


  The permanent resident population in Xiamen reached 3.73 million in 2013, according to the Xiamen Statistics Bureau, and the population density in Xiamen was 2,371 per km2 in 2013, an increase of 38 compared to 2012. The population density on Xiamen Island was reportedly 13,885 per km2, while the population density average was 1,237 per km2 in its mainland districts.


  Xiamen took 10th place among Chinese cities for population inflow in 2013. According to the ranking, Shanghai topped the list with a population inflow of 9.54 million people. Beijing followed with a population inflow of 7.72 million people, Shenzhen ranked third with a population inflow of 7.56 million people, and Xiamen was 10th on the list with a population inflow of 2.05 million people.




[ Web editor:    Source:Xiamen Municipal Government,P.R.CHINA ]