Planning of Haicang Harbor Area's District


  This area is near Haicang South Industry District and Haicang New Urban District in the north, separated by the sea outfall of Jiulong River in the south and overlooking Gangwei Port and Longhai Investment & Development Zone in Zhangzhou City. To the east, Haicang Harbor Area faces Gulang Island and Xiamen Island separated by the Xiamen West Bay. Haicang Harbor Area has a long coastline and deep sea, with the deepest area reaching about 15 meters. What’s more, Haicang Harbor Area is close to the international major shipping lines with wide supporting land areas and an obvious geographical advantage, which ensures the construction of a perfect port. The main principle and target of this planning is by taking full advantage of its geographical position and the superior condition for port construction to build a great big port to support the development of Haicang Taiwan Investors’ District as well as the whole Xiamen city.  



  The planning is to divide Haicang Harbor Area into four districts: the Industry District in the southeast, Harbor District in the Southwest, Storage District in the Northeast and Town Construction District in the northwest. The Harbor District in the Southwest, with a total land area of 4.2 square kilometers, is the biggest and the most important area of the Haicang Harbor Area. The construction of this district consists of two stages of fore period and later period, with the construction steps of from east to west. The construction of fore period is to build 12 docks, which form a modern harbor area to support and specialize in foreign trade, coastal industry, and the international transfer transportation. It will be a multifunctional hub port with public berths as well as special docks, focusing on petrochemical industry and container docks. The land within Haicang Harbor Area is long from east to west, and short from south to north, therefore it is a piece of narrow and long land. With diversified land utilization and complicated function, it is rather difficult to draw a district planning of Haicang Harbor Area. Based on these considerations, this planning starts with the key point and also the difficult point – the planning of road transportation to unclog port transportation through reasonable layout. The Unclogging Road separates and connects Port District and Storage District, presenting a harbor area with reasonable layout, smooth transportation and high efficiency.


  The planning was completed in October, 1997. The planning was put forward by:Xiamen Branch Institute of China’s Institute of Urban Planning and Design.

[ Web editor:    Source:Xiamen Municipal Government,P.R.CHINA ]