Planning of Huli District




  Huli Industry and Dwelling District consists of the industrial area, which includes Huli Industry Park and High-tech Park, and the three dwelling districts in the south of Huli District. Gaodian and Zhaishang Storage and Dwelling District is composed of the two storage areas of Zhaishang and Gaodian, and two dwelling districts transformed from two villages, namely, Zhaishang Village and Gaodian village. According to Xiamen’s overall planning, Huli District is defined as: giving first priority to the development of harbor, industry and the related storage and transportation, to be supported with part of dwelling areas. The planning divides Huli District into four areas: Dongdu and Haotou Comprehensive areas, which are formed by the first phase port of Dongdu Harbor, partly industry land and Dongdu-Haotou dwelling Comprehensive District.


  Harbor and Bonded Areas: locate in the west of the railway lateral, which are composed of Dongdu Harbor Area, Xiyu Bonded Area, and Gaoqi Harbor Area. The planning area covers 2,189 hectares with the population of 150,000. The planning was completed in January, 1997 and put forward by Xiamen Institute of Urban Planning and Design.

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