Jimei District Planning – Land Utilization




  Jimei District locates to the opposite shore of Xiamen Island with mountains behind. Jimei District is blessed with beautiful environment and desirable location, all of which help to present a distinctive district in Xiamen’s planning of city and sea. Jimei District is also the important growth point and base for the development of Xiamen. Under the guidance of the city’s overall planning, this planning highlights the feature of the Jimei District and tends to be more desirable and reasonable. This planning, which continues the previous plan, further improves the urban environment, and specifies the direction of the city’s development and its competition edge. This planning takes into consideration the role it plays in the overall circumstance of Xiamen Special Economic Zone and highlights Jimei District as a district of culture, education, and sightseeing. The planning aims to maintain and also discover the city’s features, combining natural scenery and humanity landscape and coordinating the relationship between Taiwan investors’ District and a district of culture, education, and sightseeing. This planning also further improves the planning of infrastructure, enabling Jimei District to play a better role in connecting the city and the subordinate areas and optimizing the utilization of urban land resource. The planning of urban land development takes the old town as the basis and the Tongji Road as rolling axis to develop northward, and the north industry district as the basis to develop westward, thus form the land utilization feature of “one center, one point, one line, and three areas”. The planning land scale is 1,401 hectares and the population is 145,000. The planning was completed in April, 1998. The planning was put forward byXiamen  Institute of Urban Planning and Design.

[ Web editor:    Source:Xiamen Municipal Government,P.R.CHINA ]