Planning of Tong’an District


  Tong'an District is a comprehensive district in the north of the Xiamen city with a long history. It is also a key component of the city, one of the political, cultural, and economic centers of the city. Tong'an District covers Dalun Mountain and Meishan Mountain in the north, run through by West Creek, and East Creek. Possessed with two mountains and two creeks, the natural terrain combines with the road to present a pattern of “the windmill” with three pieces. The planning adopts the structure of group layout, presenting “one center, seven groups”. It would also aim to seek the intrinsic, organic and coordinated relationship between the mountain and the water, the old city and the newly developed area, and the near future and the prospect. The characteristic of the city’s image is very obvious. It presents the cultural landscape with East Creek as the central shaft, housing and living belt with the West Creek as the central shaft, and the ecological green belt with the confluence of the two creeks as the central shaft. The land of this planning covers 1,945 hectares with a population of 185,000.


  The planning was completed in September, 1999 and put forward by Xiamen Institute of Urban Planning and Design.

[ Web editor:    Source:Xiamen Municipal Government,P.R.CHINA ]