National Forest Park in Wuyi Mountain


  There is a virgin forest park in Wuyi Mountain consisting of various landscapes, mountains and streams. Occupying a total area of 7,118 hectares (2,785 of which is the central planned area) , it is mainly comprised by medium-subtropical virgin forest, secondary forest, mountains, streams, gorges and other marvelous scenic spots, endowed with the wonderful entironment. Its main peak is Jiuchongtian (Nine-sky) peak in 1,630 m high above the sea level. There are also plenty of wide animals and plants, including 1,017 varieties of higher plants, 93 species of beasts in vertebrates like taxus, tulip tree, emmenopterys henryi, white neck king pheasant, yellow belly tragopan, pangolin and so on. Fresh air generated by the magic virgin forest in the park is just like a natural oxygen bar where you can breathe the abundant oxygen, have a camping or forest bath, in the meantime taste the freshest foods produced here. In addition to these activities, you can also visit Qinglong (Black Dragon) Waterfall, Great Gorge Drift, Longchuan Waterfall, Longfeng (Dragon and Phoenix) Stream, Jade (Feicui) Brook, Shengmi (Magic) Valley and many other spots.

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